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With 5 different patterns, our camo edition is available for any of our gun models at customer’s request.

WTP-756 Next G2 Version 2

WTP-676 Boneyard Weatheridge

Weatheridge Camouflage is brought to you by Boneyard Camo™. This pattern features a high-definition bark texture that blends in with virtually any wooded or rocky environment.

WTP-380 Next Camo Vista

Next Camo Vista™ is the perfect “stick and leaf” camouflage for Spring and Fall.

WTP-310 G1 Microprint

Next Camo G1 Microprint™ is a flagship hunting pattern with leaves, limbs, and trees by Next Camo™.

WTP-801 Next Camo Evo

Next Camo EVO™ features a combination of elements commonly found in marshland and open, grass-covered environments. Leaves, tree limbs and twigs–making it the perfect multi-environmental pattern for just about any situation.