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''In the summer of '78, Ahmet Kırıcı, born in a place of guns manufacturing, has inevitably met this old profession through his uncle.''            ''27 Years later,in the year of 2005, an meticulous and passionate gunsmith, using his experience and knowledge achieved, is opening the doors of KIRICI SILAH (ARMS)''

The quality of a gun is due to the quality of the barrel.
A quality KIRICI barrel is obtained from a italian
high quality steel bar(4140), cut into 3 ft lenghts
and precision drilled, then polished by a reamer
that is pulled through the barrel .Each tube is then
put on a lathe to cut the outside profile of the barrel.
A center-less grinding machine is used to ensure that
every tube is identical (tolerances are to within
+/-4 tenthousandths of an inch.

Finally they are honed inside and vertically honed outside
to achieve the final bore size and finish. For fixed chokes,
cold swaging is used to achieve the required choke. The tubes,
are then inserted into the monobloc and carefully aligned.

At KIRICI ARMS, receivers are made of 4140 steel for
over-under and single barrel(already cast molded)
and 7075 aluminium (bars stock) for semiautomatic
and pomp action models. The molded receivers and
also the aluminium billets (bars stocks automatic
cutted) are placed in different CNC machines to give
them precisely shape. We are using SolidWorks and
Mastercam software to program their design and
streamlined CNC operations. After machining, steel
receivers are heat treated meanwhile aluminium receivers
are placed into a mechanical tumbler which removes
burrs and rough spots and prepare the metal to
receive anodizing. In the end (before anodizing) we takes
great care that the product meets excatly on standards
(all the parts are checked).
Stocks and forends on KIRICI Shotguns are produced from Turkish Walnut Trees (specifically for Over-Under models, but also used on Single Barrel, Pumpaction and Semiautomatic).The Walnut is cut in a similar way to an orange’s segments. Each piece ideally has straight grain from the trunk running through what will become the neck of the stock as this is the strongest figuring. The Walnut is stored for 4-7 years or slowly dried in kilns (process that requires great care) until it has stopped losing weight.
Why Walnut?
-“Whe have in Walnut an ideal wood which is tough, hard and not given to splitting, but is also frequently figured in a beautiful manner which is a joy to the eye.”
Company Development Story

How we started


In the summer of ’78, Ahmet Kırıcı, born in a place of guns manufacturing, has inevitably met this old profession through his uncle.

Ever since he start working on first huntingpieces which was Single Barrel and Side By Side, Ahmet Kırıcı has been enamored with the perplexities of gunsmaking and the alluring charm that accompanies this centuries-old profession. What began as a simple interest, bloomed into a determined obsession, to become a real gunsmith.

After 13 years of experience achieved by woorking in Co-operative, in 1994, he started to make firsts Over-Under Shotguns, also being his favourite type of shotgun even today. 2 years later, in 1996, Ahmet started to produce first Semiautomatic Shotguns.

After a long way of 27 years, in 2005, the gunsmith make his dream come true by opening the doors of KIRICI SILAH (ARMS) and in less then 2 years succeed to export the first shotguns to another countries.


KIRICI SILAH (ARMS), a Shotgun Manufacturer, from Konya, Turkey, which has started her activities in 2005, leaded by Ahmet Kırıcı and his sons (Hüseyin, Alparslan and Kubilay), is producing and exporting, on more than 40 countries, shotguns like OVER-UNDER, SINGLE BARREL, PUMPACTION, SEMIAUTOMATIC and VERTICALMAGAZIN.


At KIRICI SILAH (ARMS) the quality of guns rise from a 37 years experience of an meticulous and passioned gunsmith who know that for a quality shotgun all its need is attention, precision and patience plus an up to date technology.


Confident Leadership, Clearly Defined Roles, Belief In Each Other, Commitment to the Team

Ahmet Kırıcı
Ahmet Kırıcı

Founder/Quality Control Inspector

Hüseyin Kırıcı
Hüseyin Kırıcı

General Manager / Account Executive

Florentina Kırıcı
Florentina Kırıcı

Marketing Specialist/Bilingual Sales Representative

Alparslan Kırıcı
Alparslan Kırıcı

Machinist/Tool and Die Maker/Production Manager

Kubilay Kırıcı
Kubilay Kırıcı

Export-Import Specialist/Bilingual Sales Representative